Why I created Distilled:

To bust through the algorithm with the cool stuff you’re missing out on.

There are so many fascinating things to know about the world, and not enough time to know them.

And when you do have time, you’re busy scrolling through the same content every day.

Your IG feed isn’t set up to introduce you to ideas, or expose you to something new. Instead, algorithms know what you already look at, and keep showing you more of the same stuff.

I started this newsletter because everyone deserves smart, inspiring content that exposes them to something they didn’t think about before. Each newsletter focuses on one specific idea, distilling a complex concept into a fun, fast read (every letter is shorter than 5 minutes).

My hope is that readers will leave my newsletter a little smarter than they found it.

To leave you with a good beer recommendation.

This is called Distilled because I distill complex topics, but also because you distill alcohol, and I’m a big fan of a good beverage. Each newsletter features a beer pairing of the week that has nothing to do with the rest of the newsletter, but it’s very important. Cheers!

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Here are some previous newsletters:

  • Maps, Distilled: Maps are a perfect combination of storytelling, artwork and history — and the more personal, the better.

  • Forensic Linguistics, Distilled: Forensic detectives can determine someone’s identity just by looking at their writing, and if you think that’s baloney, check out the cases.

  • Third Places, Distilled: A home away from home is what we've lost, right when it's what we need.

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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
–Carl Sagan

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